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Structural Repair

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The ReStructure Company, Inc. can repair or replace the building structure from the footings to the roof. Older homes have a wide range of foundations, such as; granite levelers without any foundation, field stone walls, field stone with brick top coursing, field stone with granite top coursing, granite pillars and wood posts.

The outer walls on most antique capes and farm houses with center chimneys have settled such that the floors slope downward towards the exterior. This is mainly due to poor or nonexistent perimeter foundations. The center chimney was protected from the elements such as frost where the perimeter was not not. These exterior walls can be supported and the floors aligned. Deteriorated foundations and settled foundations can be rebuilt to carry the building loads if the soil is adequate. If the soil is not adequate, there are other methods and means to support the structure. The ReStructure Company, Inc. does footing and foundation work using both the original materials or new stone, concrete or concrete block materials.

The older building frame may have sagged due to the increased modern loads now imposed on the structure, inadequate original size members, termite or water damage, cutouts to beams or columns due to modern mechanical ducts, pipes or wires, or fire damage. Any wood component can be repaired or replaced and meet today's loads. The ReStructure Company, Inc. does replace or repair the existing frame using additional supports, sistering of existing members, adding new members or replacing the entire wall or floor.

Sagging roofs due to rot, snow loads or water damage can be patched, reinforced or replaced. When repairing roofs, flashing, ice dam protection, venting and gutter work should be analyzed and upgraded to prevent future water problems. The ReStructure Company, Inc. does roofing inspections and repairs to include the framing, trim and roofing.

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